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* We offer unique, certified and comprehensive scientific evaluation of your riding application and anatomical dimensions to select the optimum bike for comfort and performance based on manufactures specific tube geometries. This includes full power balance analysis and saddle pressure mapping. We are the only shop offering this level of professional fitting evaluation with a bike purchase.

* An appointment is required for fitting services and are booked here.  Our professional fittings normally take about 2 hours and currently only offered on weekdays.

* A Bike Purchased at Bike Authority:  Professional Bike Fitting is included NO ADDITIONAL COST with any new bike purchase from this store over $1,000 in value, and guaranteed for as long as you own the bike. (meaning we will refit you whenever needed)

*Bikes NOT purchased at Bike Authority: After a long absense during the pandemic, we have returned to fitting bikes not purchased at Bike Authority.  The fee structure is outlined on the fitting description page. Unlike fits for bikes purchased here, a fitting session is a one time event for bikes.

* If you intend to purchase a bike at Bike Authority, we will likely perform initial anatomical measurement to be sure that you are on the optimum bike. If you get measured and choose not to purchase a bike, you will be charged the full fitting fee, and will be professionally fitted once on whatever bike you purchase.

Welcome to our on line bike fit booking system and thank you for considering a professional bicycle fitting session at Bike Authority.  Our highly certified professional fit specialists stand ready to optimize your comfort and maximize your peddling efficiency.  Unlike most, our fitters have multiple fitting and power analysis certifications, with over 40 years experience.  We use a dynamic process which includes power evaluation to fully evaluate all performance aspects of your position.  We back that up with a lifetime fit guarantee on any bike purchased here. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions at 440-546-9966; otherwise, book your appointment and be on your way to a more comfortable and efficient ride.


  1. Our fitting is FREE with the purchase of a bike from Bike Authority.
  2. If you do not yet own a bike and are looking to purchase a bike NO APPOINTMENT is necessary, just come on in.
  3. If you already own a bike (purchased here or elsewhere) and are scheduling a fitting, be prepared. When your appointment time arrives come ready to ride. Bring anything you would ride in; shoes, shorts, pedals, etc. 
  4. Through this online system you can Schedule, Reschedule and Cancel your fitting as you see fit. Another improvement from Bike Authority to increase the customer experience while making this process easy, worry and hassle free for the customer.