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Professional Bike Fitting and Power Analysis FREE with Bike Purchase

Pain isn't "normal." However many believe that the pain between your shoulders; saddle induced numbness or aching knees and back is just part of cycling. Eliminating discomfort and improving pedaling efficiency is an integral part of the fitting process. Our goal is to make your riding experience more rewarding by examining every aspect of your cycling comfort and efficiency. If your body is not in biomechanical alignment with the mechanics of the bike, energy is wasted due to inefficient power transfer. Numerous cyclists from beginner leisure cyclist to elite riders are comfortable but unaware that their bike position is bio-mechanically inefficient. It is also common to waste energy due to lack of core stability, poor flexibility, incorrect saddle height and position, poor pedaling technique and poor cleat placement. It is the most in-depth series of fitting services available anywhere in Ohio and caters to beginners as well as professional athletes.

Our Bike Fitting Methods, Certifications and Technologies:

F.I.S.T. Professional Measurement:  $189.99

This Professional Analysis is a triathlon bicycle specific fitting. It is performed by a F.I.S.T certified fit professional. Trained by Quintana Roo founder Dan Empfield. We use your actual bike to determine the right seat angle, hip angle, knee angle and arm angle while in aerobars. A CompuTrainer with spinscan is used to measure power and pedaling efficiency. This evaluation is included FREE with every new triathlon bike purchase at our store.

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Standard Measurement:  $189.99

The Standard Analysis calculates the ideal bicycle size and position of the cyclist. With the aid of a computer drawing each client can make a justified choice of which new bicycle fits. The Standard Analysis takes into account foot length, inseam, torso length, arm length, shoulder width, sole thickness, pedal height, and saddle type. This evaluation is included FREE with every new bike purchase at our store.

Precision Fit Saddle Pressure Mapping:  $99.99

Pressure mapping is the latest tool in the arsenal of Bike Authority's highly-trained cycling analysts to help determine your optimum riding position, saddle selection, shoe and cleat setup.

At Bike Authority, we’ve observed the development of pressure mapping with interest and have recently formed a technology partnership with GebioMized. We have integrated the GebioMized system into our fitting process, enabling us to accurately measure pressure and better visualise the rider’s contact with the saddle. Combined with our knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, pressure mapping provides objective feedback, enabling us to make small, precise adjustments and interventions to optimise your connection with the bike and making it possible to:

Improve cycling performance

Choose the most appropriate saddle
Most riders would like to improve their cycling performance. Choosing the appropriate saddle can improve stability, economy and alignment. Pressure mapping provides objective feedback about where and how the rider sits, aiding our cycling analysts as they choose a saddle which matches your riding style and encourages good posture, thereby improving muscle activation and efficiency by reducing extraneous movement.

Position saddle for optimal posture
The potential of many excellent saddles is ruined by poor positioning. As little as 2 degrees of movement can modify poor posture to provide more comfort and better muscle activation. Pressure mapping allows our fitters to make precise adjustments and record their results in order to optimise the riders posture and performance.


Improve cycling comfort

Reduce saddle discomfort
Many riders struggle with saddle discomfort, often caused by areas of high pressure as a result of incorrect saddle choice or positioning. Pressure mapping takes the guesswork out of saddle choice, allowing us to accurately measure how pressure is distributed on the saddle to objectively determine which saddle and position will result in the most significant increases in comfortand performance. Moving the saddle just 5mm can result in significant improvements.

Eliminate numbness in saddle area
Numbness affects many cyclists and is often a result of poor saddle choice and position. Our Cyclefit analysts use their anatomical knowledge, combined with pressure mapping technology, to choose a saddle, position and advise on a posture which will unload sensitive nerve tissue. This can significantly alleviate and even eliminate numbness issues when riding.


To make a Saddle Pressure Mapping booking please use our Online Booking system.

Shoe/Cleat Adjustment:  $49.99

Benefits from this measuring and placement include; optimal power transmission, reduction or elimination of leg twist, a more fluid and natural pedaling position will be established, hot spots on the foot likely diminish or disappear completely.

Our Fitting Studio

Meet the Full Time Professional Fitters

Sean Gilbert......................................Mike Vanucci

Mike Vanucci

  • Former Ohio State Time Trial champion
  • Cat II Road Racer
  • USCF Level 3 Coach
  • Certified Wobblenaught Fit Specialist
  • Certified F.I.S.T. (Slowtwitch) Fit Specialist

Sean Gilbert

  • Bachelor of Science - Human Movement Studies, Minor Athletic Training
  • Masters of Arts - Cleveland State University, Exercises Science
  • Certified Cyclops Power Training Systems
  • USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
  • NSCA, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (pending)


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