Our Philosophy

Bicycling Expertise.

We are a full service specialty purveyor of high performance bicycling accessories & equipment with a special talent for racing equipment. We enjoy selling, servicing and professionally fitting all brands of the most technically advanced cycling equipment made for everyone from youth to world class triathletes..

Our Mission

A constant and evolving goal. Bike Authority is forever striving to be the place where everyday and professional riders can get the equipment, the service, the information and the inspiration to bike wherever and however they choose to do so.

How We Do It

Patiently Performed. Whether you are buying a bearing, a bag, or a bike, we will give you as much advice as you need to properly select equipment that enhances your cycling experience.

Our Experience

Over 130 years. Although we've been open for over two decades, the combined experience of our personnel is well over a century. We know biking equipment! Collectively we have dozens of certifications in fitting, service, coaching and even frame building. All of our employees ride. Many are competitive racers. Most have, or are obtaining college degrees. On staff we have degreed engineers, philosophers and exercise physiologists. Many on our staff hold State and National Racing titles. Our equipment is constantly being tested by our very own road, mountain and triathlon racing teams.

We back up everything we do with the best guarantees in the area.

Bike Rentals

With constant and evolving goals, comes the attempt to allow everyone visiting the Cleveland area (or people from the area that want to get on something with higher performance then they would normally have the opportunity to ride) to have to opportunity to rent some of the best bike you will find in any rental program anywhere. Our bike rental fleet consists of carbon fiber road bikes, carbon fiber and aluminium mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Our online bike rental booking system allows you to see all of the rental inventory we have and what dates the bikes are available for rental or what days they are booked. You can reserve your bike rental online by simply entering some information and your credit card. The process is just as simple as booking a car or hotel reservation.