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Coaching Services

Now you can train like the professionals.

Bike Authority is the ONLY USAT (USA Triathlon) Certified store in the State.  Our coaches & fitters are also USCF (United States cycling Federation) certified.

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Professional coaches & fitting specialists are ready to help you meet your racing and training goals. They have developed athletes of all ages and abilities including professional triathletes, World Championship caliber age-group triathletes and duathletes, elite cyclists, middle of the pack endurance athletes, and countless beginners. They look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals and dreams as an endurance athlete! Below are a list of representative coaching programs. However, in most cases the programs are developed specifically for you.

We also believe you should have choices in your coaching needs. Whether you are a man or a woman, east-sider or west, age-grouper or elite athlete, different coaches are available for your needs. Angela Forster and Sean Gilbert will work with you to evaluate you needs and determine the best program for your success:

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Bike Authority Typical Programs

Heart Rate Testing

Heart rate training zones determined using a cycling test protocol. Type of test will be determined based on fitness levels and goals, which will be discussed during pre testing consultation. By Appointment Only.

Power Testing

The power test determines optimum zones to train and race using power measurement. Threshold and max power are are keys which is used to as a starting point for getting fitter, a frame of reference for getting faster and a measuring tool for going further. By Appointment Only.

Coaching Consultation

A one-on-one consultation will help you create a clearly defined path to achieving your training and racing goals. We'll analyze your training log, determine your goals, and create a personalized annual training plan. Following this session, you'll have the option to purchase a customized coaching package including detailed training schedules and support or additional coaching time for skill development & training. By Appointment Only.

Season Coaching Program

Monthly training blocks, to coincide with your season training plan. The season training plan will be implemented after the athlete has had the initial coaching consultation. Program includes, detailed training schedules, log evaluations and unlimited contact with your coach.

One-on-One Coaching Session

Do you need a tune up session to peak for your next big race? Need to improve that last little detail? Don't have the time to train as consistently as you might like? Then these sessions are right for you. By Appointment Only.

Meet the Coaches