Our Racing Teams

Did you know we directly sponsor our own road racing team, Team Lake Effect, and our own multisport team, BAFF Tri. We also sponsor a pro triathlete from Northeast Ohio.

Lake Effect Cycling was our first team, formed a number of years ago by some very talented individuals that work at Bike Authority. It has evolved into a cycling powerhouse competing on the local, state, and international levels in road, duathlon & triathlon racing events. We have also formed, in conjunction with Fleet Feet Sports of Northfield, the BAFF Tri Team. Since then we have gone on to directly sponsor a number of regional racing teams.....

Developmental racing teams, sponsored directly by this store give us great experience and feedback. Men and women on the teams compete at the local, national and international levels in road racing, triathlon, biathlon and cyclocross events. They ride products we sell and provide valuable feedback on how they fit and perform. We use that information in our store with you.

"Cycling takes so many hours to train and so many years to be really strong. Being good at cycling doesn't happen because you train hard one year."

Rune Hoydahl